About Earth Goods


Karissa Livingston

After creating pottery in my basement and/or garage for over 10 years I decided that it was time to leave the house to go to work, so I opened Earth Goods Paint Your Own Pottery Studio.  I envisioned it being a creative, entertaining place where people could gather with their friends and families and make memories together.  I’ve always loved art and am excited to share that love with everyone who walks in the door.  My goal is to provide every customer with a fun, stress free environment that can facilitate their creative process and lets them leave happier than when they arrived.  Hope you can visit us soon!


Leah Ashe

Born and raised local gal. Here I am back to my roots, raising one of my own in the beautiful Northwoods. I’m loving every second of the opportunities Earth Goods is giving me to get back into my artsy groove.


Candy Noffs

I’ve always been a creative and crafty type. After retiring from my nursing career, I’ve found the perfect retirement job. It’s such a fun place to work. I’ve told Karissa I’d work for free, but she pays me anyway. I love watching the painters faces when they finally get out of their box and realize what they’re creating is really a work of art. Plus, my grandkids think it’s really cool that I work here!